Defence Tech was born from the passion of a group of entrepreneurs, with a precise idea: to give value to the Italian Excellence and Spirit.
It is a hub of technological excellence, with focus on cyber security, big data, intelligence and national defence.
Our company benefits from Italian human capital, creating cutting-edge products to increase the protection of our country.

With our know-how,  people and strong dedication, we created partnerships with Italian research centers and universities, becoming a center of attraction for B2G and B2B.

We believe that technology, vision and innovation are the main drivers to take strategic decisions. We want to build an open, interconnected, sustainable and secure future to improve everyone’s life.

We build our future by investing in our present.


The Defence Tech group wants to be a reference point for the technological innovation world, a company which aims to improve national security and protect our Country.


Improve business resilience of our customers, through competence, innovative technologies and dual-use solutions, consolidating and increasing domestic and european market presence.