Donexit is an innovative company specialized in protection technologies for the infrastructures of national interest, whose areas of expertise are Cyber Security, Training & Simulation, System Integration and Defense. Its specific competences allow it to design and provide protection and safeguard tools in the Smart City environment.

The company offers proprietary products and provides services to improve the communications security of public and private organizations, with particular attention to complex critical infrastructures.

The offer is also extended to the military field, through the development of infologistics software systems.

The company, by its nature, has always been strongly focused on Research & Development activities and boasts significant collaborations with prestigious academic bodies and research centers.

Donexit owns the Safety and Quality certifications suitable to operate in the reference markets.

Donexit is a company of the Defence Tech group.

Our Offices

Operating and administrative headquarters

Via Giacomo Peroni, 452 – 00131 Rome – Italy


Puglia operative office

Via Orate, 9 – 74122 Taranto – Italy


Campania operative office

Via G. Porzio – Isola E/7 – 80143 Naples – Italy


Liguria operative office

Viale San Bartolomeo 631 – 19126 La Spezia – Italy