State-of-the-art technologies and advanced solutions for cybersecurity, big data analytics and big data intelligence.

Cyber Security

Our team of cyber developers e cyber consultants can improve security and resilience of IT infrastructures of public and private organizations, with a particular focus on national critical infrastructures.

Our offer is based on proprietary technologies and services designed on the needs of the Customer, to create a customized service and to improve the security of organizations.

Cyber & Technologies

The objective of this area is to create advanced technologies and solutions for information security, big data analysis and big data intelligence.

This sector requires constantly updated vertical skills, cultivated by a highly specialized and motivated staff.

This area offers technologies developed thanks to the experience gained on government projects and makes its expertise available for the creation of systems, customized for our Customers. We take care of all aspects: from the prototyping phase – very important in the experimental phase of projects – to the design, up to the creation of interface and user experience.