The Group has an in-depth knowledge of national and NATO standards and guidelines for the design and certification of systems that manage classified information and to protect critical infrastructures. The Defence Tech Group proposes an offer focused on products and services for the Defense and the Cybersecurity sectors, with the ability to also design solutions for urban systems and civil infrastructures for transport.

The business model value proposition.


  • Applied research laboratories
  • Specific training paths in collaboration with different universities
  • Participation in research programs, design incubators and technological innovation

Supply capacity

  • Know how from Research & Development
  • Expertise in requirements analysis and solutions proposal
  • Integration with R & D for custom requirements and solutions
  • Technology Partnerships with leading companies
  • Quality certifications
  • Competitiveness
  • Financial Capabilities

Operative (or real) implementation:

  • Financial and technical project management
  • Certified processes
  • Dynamic allocation of resources

Support life-cycle

  • System operation Maintenance:
    • Adaptive
    • Evolutionary
    • Scheduled
    • Predictive