Company specialized in the logistics of military, naval and civil security infrastructures in Italy and abroad, whose areas of expertise are radar technology, integrated logistic support, and design of integrated solutions on- board ship and cabling of complex equipment in the naval environment.


Radar Technology


Integrated Logistic Support


Design of complex solutions on-board ship


Cabling of complex equipment in the naval environment

Integrated Logistic Support

Foramil, Thanks to expertise and competencies of a skilled team of engineers, Foramil supports the entire life cycle of highly integrated systems and infrastructures:

• Installation, setting to work, testing and integration;

• Preventive, corrective and evolutionary Maintenance;

• Operational assistance.

Supply of high-quality components and parts

Thanks to many years of collaboration with the best suppliers on the market, it is able to provide competitive conditions for the following:

• Electronic components;

• Instrumentation;

• Cables and fibers;

• Network systems.


Foramil has appropriate Safety and Quality certifications to operate in the Defense market.


With over thirty years of experience in the logistics of NAVAL systems, FORAMIL is able to provide engineering services for the installation and integration of complex electronic systems for their logistic support throughout the lifecycle:

• Installation projects;

• Network projects;

• Maintenance projects;

• Technical Management;

• Analysis of obsolescence;

• Inventory Management;

• Design of special components;

• Configuration Control.


By the experience earned in the logistical support and to collaboration with the equipment and systems manufacturers, FORAMIL is able to identify and make changes and improvements appropriate to maintain and consolidate its performance over time:

• Replacing obsolete components;

• Configuration control;

• Support and reliability improvement.

Radar Technologies

  • Engineering Services
  • Site Management;
  • Installation of Detection and Search Radars;
  • Installation of Surveillance Radars;
  • Installation of Guidance Radars;
  • CMS and C4I Radar Systems;

System Integrator

  • Engineering Services;
  • Site Management;
  • Management of obsolescence;
  • Setting to work;
  • Installation of structured cabling;
  • Installation of RF Transmission Systems ;