Defence Technologies and Cyber Security

Defence Tech Holding controls two highly specialized and complementary technology companies, which have been successfully operating in the national market for years.

Our Vision

Dynamic research of technological excellences to be integrated and aggregated in an Italian Holding, aimed at forecasting and declining the evolution of the IT market.

Living Our Values

Our values guide our actions and delineate/define our behavior. The Defence Tech Group achieves its growth objectives in its reference sector, establishing its business value on a solid ethical basis consisting of essential values and principles, such as:


the challenge to build a better future


Leverage the collective genius. No one of the operational objectives can be achieved by individuals; the professionals of our companies collaborate within a single integrated organization providing high-value solutions.


Working with transparency, loyalty, honesty and fairness. Our customers must be absolutely certain that integrity is a primary value for the Defense Tech Group, whose effects are reflected in the delivery of excellent customer services and profound attention to security aspects.

Innovation and excellence

The constant work aimed at offering innovative and excellent products and services that constitute the basis of the company's competitive advantage in the market


Design custom solutions and services for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

The Company is able to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, helping them to resolve complex problems and design custom solutions.


Foster and Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun.


The ethical action pursued by the Group is a rational and essential incentive to understand what is right to do and ``why`` it is necessary to do it.

The skills behind our success


To combine diversified skills in an Italian Competency Center able to offer innovative technological and logistical solutions for the security of critical infrastructures in the country.


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Aurelio Regina

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Emilio Gisondi

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Carla Ginesi

Adviser / Council Member

Ethical code

The Ethical Code of DEFENCE TECH defines ethical and social norms and principles the corporate members must comply with. It comprises the internal measures that can be implemented in the event of a violation as well as the control methods aimed at ensuring compliance with it.

The Ethical Code of the Defence Tech is also implemented by Donexit and Foramil.